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IMST GmbH was founded in 1992 and is a leader in Research and Development of new products for mobile communications systems, integrated circuits, RF-circuits, as well as advanced active antenna technology. The company specializes in creating custom tailored system solutions for wireless radio applications. IMST's R&D chain supports the whole design flow process, starting from the creation of ideas for new products and continuing up to final implementation, product qualification, and manufacturing support. Headquarters is located in the Dieprahm Technology Park in Kamp-Lintfort, approximately 20 km northwest from Duisburg. The company currently has a staff of 185 employees, mostly scientists and engineers as well as several guest researchers from all over the world. Research and development projects are usually carried out together with partners from industry, from other research institutions, and at universities. Through numerous projects, IMST has gained a wide technical know-how expertise in the area of multiband and intelligent antennas design, RF designs as well as base-band processing, covering all types of wireless and mobile communication applications. IMST brings in profound experience in antenna and antenna frontend design, system simulation and architecture. IMST and its engineering staff are members of several national and international bodies and interest groups, and the company has not only a long and successful history in FP5, FP6 and FP7 frameworks but also in ESA and German funded projects.

IMST maintains a well-equipped professional development house for high-frequency circuits, wireless modules, and communications systems. This laboratory is currently operating a wide range of projects in antenna arrays, together with others in micro/nano-electronics, wave propagation and radar, and avionics/space. The centre includes both development facilities and an accredited testing centre, which is capable of providing all the facilities necessary for the successful execution of the project.

IMST has developed and sold several software tools for developing RF-circuits and antennas. One of the most successful is the EM field solver EMPIRE XPU based on the Finite-Difference-Time Domain method (FDTD). EMPIRE XPU is one of the leading 3D EM field solvers for RF and microwave antennas, components, and systems. Due to its unique on-the-fly compilation it has proven to be the fastest simulation engine which allows the modelling of highly complex structures within minutes ( This tool will play a key role in modelling and bench marking chip-to-chip communication within NEMF21.