Below is a complete list of all public Deliverable Reports of the Project. They can also be found in the data repository of the NEMF21 project.

The data repository aligned to the project can be found here.



File Workpackage Deliverable Title
Deliverable_WP01_D01_1.pdf WP1 D1.1 Procedures for measuring EMFs in C2C environment
Deliverable_WP01_D01_2.pdf WP1 D1.2 Roadmap for C2C Design plans
Deliverable_WP02_D02_1.pdf WP2 D2.1 Procedures for modelling EMFs for C2C & assessing information theoretic performance
Deliverable_WP02_D02_2.pdf WP2 D2.2 Data pool for results of WP1 and WP2
Deliverable_WP03_D03_1.pdf WP3 D3.1 Antenna prototypes on mm and cm scale
Deliverable_WP03_D03_2.pdf WP3 D3.2 Antenna prototypes on mm and cm scale
Deliverable_WP04_D04_1.pdf WP4 D4.1 N – Point Measurement of Noisy EM Fields
Deliverable_WP05_D05_1.pdf WP5 D5.1 Numerical tool-box to support antenna design decisions
Deliverable_WP05_D05_2.pdf WP5 D5.2 Signal processing protocols including suitable coding strategies using physics based concepts, EM signals and noise characteristics
Deliverable_WP06_D06_1.pdf WP6 D6.1 Numerical solvers for propagating modulated, coded and stochastic EMF in complex environments
Deliverable_WP07_D07_1.pdf WP7 D7.1 C2C hardware realisations & measurements
Deliverable_WP08_D08_1.pdf WP8 D8.1 Chip-to-chip simulation toolbox based on n-point near-field measurements
Deliverable_WP09_D09_1.pdf WP9 D9.1 Validation data set and numerical data
Deliverable_WP09_D09_2.pdf WP9 D9.2 C2C design guidelines
Deliverable_WP10_D10_1.pdf WP10 D10.1 Overseeing management
Deliverable_WP10_D10_2.pdf WP10 D10.2 Contracts and Reports
Deliverable_WP10_D10_3.pdf WP10 D10.3 Health and Safety guidelines
Deliverable_WP10_D10_4.pdf WP10 D10.4 Webpage
Deliverable_WP10_D10_5.pdf WP10 D10.5 Year 1 Check Meeting
Deliverable_WP10_D10_6.pdf WP10 D10.6 Final check meeting and report
Deliverable_WP10_D10_7.pdf WP10 D10.7 Ethics Requirements
Deliverable_WP10_D10_8.pdf WP10 D10.8 Kick-Off Meeting
Deliverable_WP11_D11_1.pdf WP11 D11.1 Dissemination and Exploitation