The major meetings be held by the NEMF21 consortium are listed below. These meetings served as knowledge transfer and planning events as well as to give room to discussions about the current state of the project in general. They culminated in the 3rd Nice-Nottingham-Days in July 2018, a three day workshop including external scientists in line with the project proposal.  

[1] Pre kick-off Meeting, Nottingham 4th July 2015

As part of the 2015 Nice-Nottingham Days of Waves in Complex Systems, all partners (including CST) met in Nottingham.

[2] Kick-off Meeting, Kamp-Lintfort 07.10.2015 
A kick-off meeting for discussions about the NEMF21 project and how to organize and structure 

[3] Review Meeting Nottingham 12./13.12.2016 
Besides the presentation of the current state of the project to the reviewers, a project meeting took place on the 13.12.2016. It outlined to all members how data will be collected and how communication is done in general. 

[4] CEAA Conference Verona, 10.09.2017 - 15.09.2017
Meeting of various members of the ISAE, NXP, CNRS, IMST, TUM, and UoN groups within the scope of the ICEAA conference.
This conference included organized sessions by members of the project (J. Russer and P. Russer).

[5] Project Meeting, Munich 25.01.2018 
A knowledge transfer hosted by the Munich partners of the project to present the current state of research in great detail in presentations.This meeting included a discussion about how the finalization of the project should be approached. 

[6] Nice-Nottingham-Days 2018, Nice 18.07 - 20.07.2018 
The final meeting providing knowledge transfer between the partners as well as to external scientists, for details see below, see also the detailed program below. 

Kick of Meeting 07.10.2015 

Final Review Meeting 18.07.2018